Honda EM1 e

Honda EM1 e

Honda EM1 e 2023 Experiences and Expert Review


Honda's first electric scooter looks well made. It has good brakes, a decent chassis and offers stability and safety. It is a fully-fledged vehicle in the smallest vehicle class. The engine responds flawlessly and the entire vehicle is playfully easy to handle. From a technical point of view, the vehicle is a recommendable product in the 50cc class. However, a "normal" purchase is currently not possible. Honda currently offers the vehicle exclusively as a leasing option.

Honda EM1 e

Key Specification Honda EM1 e 2024

Engine and Drive Train

Engine power2.2 HP
Torque90 Nm

Suspension Rear

Shock absorberDual Shock


Rake27 degree
Trail77 mm

Dimensions and Weights

Front tyre width90 mm
Front tyre height90 %
Front tyre diameter12 inch
Rear tyre width100 mm
Rear tyre height90 %
Rear tyre diameter10 inch
Length1860 mm
Width680 mm
Height1080 mm
Wheelbase1300 mm
Seat Height740 mm
Kerb Weight95 kg
Range30 km



Honda EM1 e History

Honda EM1 e 2023

Honda EM1 e 2023

2.2 HP

95 kg

Great throttle response

Very accessible vehicle

Stable handling

Decent brakes

Above average overall quality compared to other products in this category

Very easy to use

Well-integrated turn signals make for a super sleek overall appearance.

Very small storage space under the seat

garage owners with a power socket miss a plug-in charging solution

no recuperation

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FAQ Honda EM1 e

What is the current market price of the Honda EM1 e?
The current average market price of a Honda EM1 e, year of manufacture 2024, is 3,920 USD with an average mileage of 16 km.
Which one is better? Honda EM1 e or Vespa Primavera Elettrica?
You can compare these two motorcycles here. You can find all pros and cons of the comparable model here.
How about the availability of the Honda EM1 e?
Compared to other Scooter bikes the availability is poor. There are few Honda EM1 e bikes available on the market.
How popular is the Honda EM1 e?
There is a very weak demand for a Honda EM1 e on the market. Test reports of this model are rarely read on the platform of 1000PS.
What is the data source for the content on this page?
The data comes from the online motorcycle magazine '1000PS'. 1000PS was founded in 2001. The company is based in Austria. Most of the content is published in German. However, the team also presents motorcycle test videos in English on YouTube. Here you can find 1000PS on Instagram.

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