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Anyone who thought the new 8980 SMT would play an unnecessary supporting role between the 890 Adventure and 890 Duke models was probably mistaken. Rarely before has a motorbike managed to do so much what it suggests on the outside with its looks. So the 890 SMT wants to be moved in a sporty way - and can do that particularly well. However, with the fairing, the well-padded saddle and the upright seating position, even long distances are easy to master. The brakes have a firm grip and the handling feels extremely agile, even in tight corners. The motto of the 890 SMT is clearly travelling AND racing!


Key Specification KTM 890 SMT 2024

Engine and Drive Train

Bore90.7 mm
Stroke68.8 mm
Engine power105 HP
Rpm at Max. Power8000 rpm
Torque100 Nm
Rpm at Torque6500 rpm
Compression Ratio13.5
Throttle Bore46 mm
Clutch TypeMultiplate in oil-bath
Transmission TypeGearshift
Displacement889 ccm

Suspension Front

Diameter43 mm
Travel180 mm
AdjustmentCompression, Rebound

Suspension Rear

Shock absorberMonoshock
Travel180 mm
AdjustmentPreload, Rebound


Frame typeTubular, Load-bearing engine
Rake64.2 degree
Trail111.6 mm

Brakes Front

Diameter320 mm

Brakes Rear

Diameter260 mm

Assistance Systems

Advanced Rider Assistance SystemsABS, Riding modes, Cornering ABS, Ride by Wire, Traction control

Dimensions and Weights

Front tyre width120 mm
Front tyre height70 %
Front tyre diameter17 inch
Rear tyre width180 mm
Rear tyre height55 %
Rear tyre diameter17 inch
Wheelbase1502 mm
Seat Height860 mm
Dry Weight (with ABS)194 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity15.8 l
License compliancyA


EquipmentConnectivity, LED-Headlights, TFT display

Price KTM 890 SMT

Model year
Current average market prices

KTM 890 SMT History

KTM 890 SMT 2023

KTM 890 SMT 2023

105 HP

889 ccm

194 kg

$12,351.00avg. market price

Powerful engine with linear power delivery

snappy braking system

playful handling, delightful angularity

reasonable touring suitability

comfortable ergonomics

universally usable

moderate fuel consumption.

Important features cost extra

sharp design does not appeal to everyone

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What is the current market price of the KTM 890 SMT?
The current average market price of a KTM 890 SMT, year of manufacture 2023, is 10,360 USD with an average mileage of 1,440 km.
Which one is better? KTM 890 SMT or KTM 890 Adventure?
You can compare these two motorcycles here. You can find all pros and cons of the comparable model here.
How about the availability of the KTM 890 SMT?
Compared to other Sport touring motorcycle bikes the availability is very good. There are very many KTM 890 SMT bikes available on the market.
How popular is the KTM 890 SMT?
There is a very strong demand for a KTM 890 SMT on the market. Test reports of this model are read on average often on the platform of 1000PS.
What is the data source for the content on this page?
The data comes from the online motorcycle magazine '1000PS'. 1000PS was founded in 2001. The company is based in Austria. Most of the content is published in German. However, the team also presents motorcycle test videos in English on YouTube. Here you can find 1000PS on Instagram.

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