KTM 500 MX

KTM 500 MX

Key Specification KTM 500 MX 2008

Engine and Drive Train

Engine power58 HP
Displacement501 ccm

Dimensions and Weights

Wheelbase1460 mm
Seat Height975 mm
Dry Weight116 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity9 l
License compliancyA
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Which one is better? KTM 500 MX or Honda CRF 450 RX?
You can compare these two motorcycles here. You can find all pros and cons of the comparable model here.
How about the availability of the KTM 500 MX?
Compared to other Motocross bikes the availability is very poor. There are very few KTM 500 MX bikes available on the market.
How popular is the KTM 500 MX?
There is an average strong demand for a KTM 500 MX on the market.
What is the data source for the content on this page?
The data comes from the online motorcycle magazine '1000PS'. 1000PS was founded in 2001. The company is based in Austria. Most of the content is published in German. However, the team also presents motorcycle test videos in English on YouTube. Here you can find 1000PS on Instagram.

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Source: 1000PS

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