Indian Scout 2022 vs. Indian Chief Vintage 2020

Indian Scout 2022

Indian Scout 2022

Indian Chief Vintage 2020

Indian Chief Vintage 2020


Overview - Indian Scout 2022 vs Indian Chief Vintage 2020

Indian Scout 2022

Indian Scout 2022

Indian Chief Vintage 2020

Indian Chief Vintage 2020

Technical Specifications Indian Scout 2022 compared to Indian Chief Vintage 2020

Indian Scout 2022
Indian Chief Vintage 2020
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Indian Scout 2022
Indian Scout 2022
Indian Chief Vintage 2020
Indian Chief Vintage 2020

Engine and Drive Train

Engine typeEngine typeVEngine typeV
BoreBore99 mmBore101 mm
StrokeStroke74 mmStroke113 mm
TorqueTorque98 NmTorque151 Nm
Rpm at TorqueRpm at Torque5,900 rpmRpm at Torque3,000 rpm
Compression RatioCompression Ratio10.7 Compression Ratio9.5
Fuel systemFuel systemInjectionFuel systemInjection
DegreesDegrees60 Degrees49
Clutch TypeClutch TypeMultiplate in oil-bathClutch TypeMultiplate in oil-bath
Transmission TypeTransmission TypeGearshiftTransmission TypeGearshift
Number of gearsNumber of gears6Number of gears6
DisplacementDisplacement1,133 ccmDisplacement1,811 ccm

Suspension Front

Front suspensionFront suspensionTelescopic forkFront suspensionTelescopic fork
DiameterDiameter41 mmDiameter46 mm
TravelTravel120 mmTravel119 mm

Suspension Rear

SuspensionSuspensionSwing armSuspensionSwing arm
Shock absorberShock absorberDual ShockShock absorberMonoshock
TravelTravel76 mmTravel94 mm

Brakes Front

TypeTypeSingle diskTypeDouble disk
DiameterDiameter298 mmDiameter300 mm
PistonPistonDouble pistonPistonFour pistons

Brakes Rear

DiameterDiameter298 mmDiameter300 mm
PistonPistonSingle pistonPistonDouble piston

Assistance Systems

Advanced Rider Assistance SystemsAdvanced Rider Assistance SystemsABSAdvanced Rider Assistance SystemsABS, Riding modes, Ride by Wire

Dimensions and Weights

Front tyre widthFront tyre width130 mmFront tyre width130 mm
Front tyre heightFront tyre height90 %Front tyre height90 %
Front tyre diameterFront tyre diameter16 inchFront tyre diameter16 inch
Rear tyre widthRear tyre width150 mmRear tyre width180 mm
Rear tyre heightRear tyre height80 %Rear tyre height65 %
Rear tyre diameterRear tyre diameter16 inchRear tyre diameter16 inch
LengthLength2,324 mmLength2,583 mm
WheelbaseWheelbase1,575 mmWheelbase1,701 mm
Seat HeightSeat Height676 mmSeat Height660 mm
Dry Weight (with ABS)Dry Weight (with ABS)254 kgDry Weight (with ABS)365 kg
Fuel Tank CapacityFuel Tank Capacity12.5 lFuel Tank Capacity20.8 l

Price Comparison Avarage Market Price Indian Scout vs Indian Chief Vintage

Price Indian Scout

Model year
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Price Indian Chief Vintage

Unfortunately, the data available to us is not sufficient to provide meaningful price information for this model.

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