Indian FTR S 2021 vs. BMW R 1200 RS 2018

Indian FTR S 2021

Indian FTR S 2021

BMW R 1200 RS 2018

BMW R 1200 RS 2018


Overview - Indian FTR S 2021 vs BMW R 1200 RS 2018

Indian FTR S 2021

Indian FTR S 2021

BMW R 1200 RS 2018

BMW R 1200 RS 2018

Technical Specifications Indian FTR S 2021 compared to BMW R 1200 RS 2018

Indian FTR S 2021
BMW R 1200 RS 2018
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Indian FTR S 2021
Indian FTR S 2021
BMW R 1200 RS 2018
BMW R 1200 RS 2018

Engine and Drive Train

Engine typeEngine typeVEngine typeBoxer
BoreBore102 mmBore101 mm
StrokeStroke73.6 mmStroke73 mm
Engine powerEngine power123 HPEngine power125 HP
Rpm at Max. PowerRpm at Max. Power8,250 rpmRpm at Max. Power7,750 rpm
TorqueTorque120 NmTorque125 Nm
Rpm at TorqueRpm at Torque6,000 rpmRpm at Torque6,500 rpm
Compression RatioCompression Ratio12.5 Compression Ratio12.5
Clutch TypeClutch TypeMultiplate in oil-bathClutch TypeAntihopping
TransmissionTransmissionChainTransmissionProp shaft
Number of gearsNumber of gears6Number of gears6
DisplacementDisplacement1,203 ccmDisplacement1,170 ccm

Suspension Front

Front suspensionFront suspensionUpside-Down telescopic forkFront suspensionTelescopic fork

Suspension Rear

SuspensionSuspensionSwing armSuspensionParalever


Frame typeFrame typeTubularFrame typeLoad-bearing engine

Brakes Front

TypeTypeDouble diskTypeDouble disk
PistonPistonFour pistonsPistonFour pistons
TechnologyTechnologyradial, MonoblockTechnologyradial

Brakes Rear

PistonPistonDouble pistonPistonDouble piston

Dimensions and Weights

Front tyre widthFront tyre width120 mmFront tyre width120 mm
Front tyre heightFront tyre height70 %Front tyre height70 %
Front tyre diameterFront tyre diameter17 inchFront tyre diameter17 inch
Rear tyre widthRear tyre width150 mmRear tyre width180 mm
Rear tyre heightRear tyre height80 %Rear tyre height55 %
Rear tyre diameterRear tyre diameter17 inchRear tyre diameter17 inch
LengthLength2,287 mmLength2,203 mm
WheelbaseWheelbase1,524 mmWheelbase1,530 mm
Seat HeightSeat Height840 mmSeat Height820 mm
Fuel Tank CapacityFuel Tank Capacity13 lFuel Tank Capacity18 l
License compliancyLicense compliancyALicense compliancyA

Pros and Cons in comparison

Pros and Cons in comparison

Indian FTR S 2021

Indian FTR S 2021

The Indian FTR S attracts attention neither through its sportiness, nor through its engine, nor through its flattracker look alone. Rather, it is the unique overall package that makes it stand out. A powerful, American V2 in a chic neo-retro flattrack design and naked bike ergonomics cannot be found anywhere else. So if you are a fan of this special combination, you almost have to go for the FTR and you won't regret it. Any weaknesses go hand in hand with the special features. Only a quickshifter and a little more tank capacity could have been added.

Fat, American V2 engine with plenty of pressure from the rev range

Unique overall package

Beautiful appearance

Intuitive operation of the TFT touchscreen

Comprehensive electronics package

Pleasant naked-bike ergonomics

No quickshifter

Low tank capacity

V2 sound rather restrained

BMW R 1200 RS 2018

BMW R 1200 RS 2018

Wunderlich has optimised the already great R 1200 RS with pinpoint accuracy and turned it into a real dream machine. The straight handlebars fit the sports tourer really well. The bike's sporty look is justified. Anyone who tries this Wunderlich machine sets the bar incredibly high for their next motorbike. A real dream bike.

Precise and stable handling

comfortable seating position

great wind protection

with the Wunderlich conversion, a very sporty and sleek look overall.

Knee angle somewhat compact with long legs

Price Comparison Avarage Market Price Indian FTR S vs BMW R 1200 RS

Price Indian FTR S

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Price BMW R 1200 RS

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