Indian Scout Sixty 2016 vs. Indian Scout Rogue 2022

Indian Scout Sixty 2016

Indian Scout Sixty 2016

Indian Scout Rogue 2022

Indian Scout Rogue 2022


Overview - Indian Scout Sixty 2016 vs Indian Scout Rogue 2022

The Indian Scout Sixty model year 2016 and the Indian Scout Rogue model year 2022 are both chopper/cruiser motorcycles with similar technical specifications. However, there are some notable differences between the two models.

Starting with the engine and drive train, both motorcycles have a torque output of around 97 Nm, providing ample power for cruising on the open road. They also share the same belt transmission and liquid cooling system, ensuring efficient and smooth performance. The engine displacement is slightly different, with the Scout Sixty having a 1130ccm engine compared to the Scout Rogue's 1133ccm engine.

In terms of braking, both models feature a single disk front brake, providing adequate stopping power. The Scout Sixty has a front tire width of 130mm and a front tire diameter of 16 inches, while the Scout Rogue has the same tire width but a larger front tire diameter of 19 inches. This larger front tire diameter on the Scout Rogue may offer improved stability and handling.

Indian Scout Sixty 2016

Indian Scout Sixty 2016

When it comes to dimensions and weights, the Scout Rogue has a slightly longer wheelbase of 1576mm compared to the Scout Sixty's 1562mm. The seat height is also slightly higher on the Scout Rogue, measuring 649mm compared to the Scout Sixty's 635mm. Both motorcycles have a similar dry weight of around 241-253kg, depending on the presence of ABS. The fuel tank capacity is also similar, with the Scout Rogue having a slightly larger capacity of 12.5 liters compared to the Scout Sixty's 12.1 liters.

Now, let's discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each model. The Indian Scout Sixty 2016 has an original look that captures the essence of a chopper/cruiser motorcycle. Its chassis offers sufficient suspension travel, ensuring a comfortable ride. The chopper brake is also commendable, providing reliable stopping power. Additionally, the engine of the Scout Sixty has a very wide and usable rev range, allowing for versatile performance in various riding conditions.

Indian Scout Rogue 2022

Indian Scout Rogue 2022

On the other hand, the Indian Scout Rogue 2022 boasts a high-revving engine that may offer a more exhilarating riding experience. Its discreet and elegant "all black" look adds a touch of sophistication. The Scout Rogue is also reduced to the essentials, focusing on minimalistic design elements. Surprisingly, it provides good wind protection, which is not commonly found on chopper/cruiser motorcycles.

However, both models have their weaknesses. The Scout Sixty 2016 may experience some set-up torque when braking in a slanted position, which can be a concern for riders. On the other hand, the Scout Rogue 2022 has a restricted lean angle, which is typical for this class of motorcycles. The rear shocks on the Scout Rogue are also undersized, potentially affecting the overall ride quality. Additionally, the pillion seat on the Scout Rogue is available at an extra cost, limiting its passenger-carrying capabilities.

In conclusion, both the Indian Scout Sixty 2016 and the Indian Scout Rogue 2022 are impressive chopper/cruiser motorcycles with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the rider's preferences and priorities, whether it be the original look and wide rev range of the Scout Sixty or the high-revving engine and elegant design of the Scout Rogue.

Technical Specifications Indian Scout Sixty 2016 compared to Indian Scout Rogue 2022

Indian Scout Sixty 2016
Indian Scout Rogue 2022
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Indian Scout Sixty 2016
Indian Scout Sixty 2016
Indian Scout Rogue 2022
Indian Scout Rogue 2022

Brakes Front

TypeTypeSingle diskTypeSingle disk
PistonPistonDouble pistonPistonDouble piston

Brakes Rear

PistonPistonSingle pistonPistonSingle piston

Dimensions and Weights

Front tyre widthFront tyre width130 mmFront tyre width130 mm
Front tyre heightFront tyre height90 %Front tyre height60 %
Front tyre diameterFront tyre diameter16 inchFront tyre diameter19 inch
Rear tyre widthRear tyre width150 mmRear tyre width150 mm
Rear tyre heightRear tyre height80 %Rear tyre height80 %
Rear tyre diameterRear tyre diameter16 inchRear tyre diameter16 inch
LengthLength2,311 mmLength2,274 mm
HeightHeight1,207 mmHeight1,181 mm
WheelbaseWheelbase1,562 mmWheelbase1,576 mm
Seat HeightSeat Height635 mmSeat Height649 mm
Dry Weight (with ABS)Dry Weight (with ABS)244 kgDry Weight (with ABS)241 kg
Kerb Weight (with ABS)Kerb Weight (with ABS)253 kgKerb Weight (with ABS)250 kg
Fuel Tank CapacityFuel Tank Capacity12.1 lFuel Tank Capacity12.5 l

Pros and Cons in comparison

Pros and Cons in comparison

Indian Scout Sixty 2016

Indian Scout Sixty 2016

Very charismatic, snazzy cruiser with elastic motor and good rear wheel damping.

Original look

chassis with sufficient suspension travel

good chopper brake

engine with a very wide, usable rev range.

Set-up torque when braking in a slanted position

Indian Scout Rogue 2022

Indian Scout Rogue 2022

The Rogue, a new addition to the 2022 model line-up, will make old-school cruiser fans happy. A bike with a powerful engine and without a lot of tam-tam. However, the cool minimalist look comes at the price of small functional limitations, which won't bother real enthusiasts.

High-revving engine

discreet, elegant "all black" look

reduced to the essentials

surprisingly good wind protection

Restricted lean angle as typical for the class

undersized rear shocks

pillion seat at extra cost

Price Comparison Avarage Market Price Indian Scout Sixty vs Indian Scout Rogue

There are a few key differences between a Indian Scout Sixty 2016 and a Indian Scout Rogue 2022. It takes less time to sell a Indian Scout Sixty with 111 days compared to 126 days for a Indian Scout Rogue. Since model year 2016 editors have written 4 reviews for the Indian Scout Sixty and 5 reviews for the Indian Scout Rogue since model year 2022. The first review for the Indian Scout Sixty was published on 1/31/2016 and now has more than 43,900 views. This compares to more than 17,400 views for the first review on Indian Scout Rogue published on 2/1/2022.

Price Indian Scout Sixty

Unfortunately, the data available to us is not sufficient to provide meaningful price information for this model.

Price Indian Scout Rogue

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